About Us

Angra Ltd was established in New Zealand in March 2011 and offers its services to the Import & Export sector by delivering a complete international trading solution to its clients. In 2013, Angra Ltd has expanded its operations into Hong Kong. Angra Ltd has already assisted more than 2,500 clients with its international trading services.

Our unique Angra Ltd international trading business platform meets globally recognised regulatory and security standards. On behalf of our clients we mitigate the need to manage changing national and international regulatory frameworks, allowing our clients to stay ahead of the market, and ahead of the competition.

In 2015, Angra Ltd launched an innovative service called Angra Safe Trader. With the Angra Safe Trader option we bring importers and exporters together managing their international trading procedures. From assisting with the trading agreement up to the delivery of goods and final payment. We also aim to protect both buyer and seller by using our user friendly platform.

We are proud that all our customers recommend us. 
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